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Axe, Bow & Staff Review

Axe, Bow & Staff is an application designed by Clewcat Games. Axe, Bow & Staff was first published on . The app is currently available on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

Axe, Bow & Staff is the first of the co-op runners; a pixel-art hybrid combining sidescrolling runner mechanics with RPG elements and zany multiplayer gameplay. It's a game you will love in single-player, but adore in co-op mode.

Main Features:

  • Single Player, Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
    You COULD play Axe, Bow & Staff all by yourself, comfortably alone in your underwear with a beer hat wrapped around your head, or you could sit there with your so-called friends and play multiplayer locally. Or team-up with online play. Whatever. We support that, too. Your co-op habits are important to us.
  • Rockin' Pixel Art
    It's like the 80s married the 90s and they never went away! Axe, Bow & Staff brings you the best in these pixel art classics-to-be. You saw it here first!
  • Chiptunes Originals
    More cheer than you can shake twelve reindeers at in this catchy & original chiptune soundtrack!
  • Bespoke Like a Boss
    30+ hand-crafted levels with various challenges and fun, fun, fun!
  • Multiple Playthroughs
    Have you heard the saying, "A procedurally-generated level is like multiple playthroughs in the bank"? Neither have we, and yet here it is bringing more bang for your buck!
  • A Matrix of Options for Customization
    20+ skill upgrades and 70+ items is, like, a really good way to bling-bling your characters. Which makes YOU, like, the equivalent of a fantasy game gangsta.
  • Racing Mode
    Introducing side-scrolling Mario Kart! If you are tired of the co-op, try "testing" your friendship in the Racing Mode!
  • Co-op
    Did we mention that already? Well, it's really cool, you know. Really. Honest!

    About our heroes:

    Literally born under a rock, Axe is the tallest dwarf in his mining clan, a giant of a dwarf at five feet, towering a head above the others. He's so tall he could be mistaken for a very short human! Because Axe's height made him unsuitable for mining, he set off to seek his fortune in the lands above. Away from familiar tunnels and dank caves, Axe often gets lost on the surface world, but doesn't like to admit it. When he is not busy searching for his fortune, he likes skipping rocks on a stream and eating hot dogs on a stick. He thinks that they are made of real dogs and has never learned how to tie his shoelaces.

    Bow is, regretably, the shortest member of her elfin village. She left her home in shame because she was only ever tall enough to gather berries with the elfin children. Bow did not want to be a babysitter in the bushes for the rest of her life, so she ran away from home when she was sixty (which is like sixteen in human years) to train as an ninja so that she could one day return home a glorious hero and bring glory to short elves everywhere. To this day, she still has not found a Ninja Sensei to teach her the proper art of Nenjootsoo, the elven translation of ninjutsu. This also means that she and Axe are about the same height...

    Staff has been called many things, amongst them hypochondriac and sniffles are probably the nicer terms that people have used. As a hypo-sensitive wizard with extensive allergies, he prefers to hide behind much bulkier heroes and fold origami on his days off. Staff is mildly allergic to magic, nature, rodents, goblins, rats, leaves, twigs, stones, dead goblins, rocks, dirt, air, water, lightning, thunder, undead goblins, and likes cats. He is also allergic to cats.

Axe, Bow & Staff

3 / 5

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Author: Clewcat Games
Size: 300 MB available space

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