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Moonshiners The Game Review

Moonshiners The Game is an application designed by Klabater. Moonshiners The Game was first published on . Moonshiners The Game is available for Steam.

It has happened. Your whole life you have dreamt about one thing: getting out of the hometown and making a name for yourself in a big world. Unfortunately, one incorrect decision was enough.. to owe a large sum of money to the mafia. Wherever you go, creditors follow. All you can do at this point is to go back to your hometown. Perhaps your business can grow there? Grandpa always said that a moonshiner’s life is the best there is...

Moonshiners: The Game is an isometric economic simulator with RPG elements, that will charm you with its remarkable storyline, in which you will develop your character, obtain multiple companions and build your moonshining empire from the ground up. Right under the nose of police and federal agents. You need to watch out for them, because brewing moonshine is not a legal business.

Your flair for business also peaks the interest of mafia and your competition; other moonshiners and owners of legal breweries. To survive, an old moonshiner saying might be helpful: “if you can’t resolve something with money, do it with a moonshine instead!”

Create your moonshiner empire, get allies, defeat or bribe the competition and flood the Appalachians with hectolitres of the best moonshine there is. Who knows, maybe you can become another moonshining legend like Popcorn Sutton or Barney Barnwell?

Moonshiners: The Game is based on a famous Discovery TV series, “Moonshiners”, which shows its audience an exciting world of whiskey creation in the forests of Appalachia, were men and women continue a century-old tradition of ignoring law, rivals and nature. Now, fans of that show can put themselves in their role in Moonshiners: The Game. The game brings back the most iconic moments and locations from the TV show and merges them with completely new scenarios and characters.

- create an apparatus and recipes, both your own, and “borrowed” from legendary moonshiners
- hire people and build an empire of independent moonshiners, “last american heroes”
- manage the production and distribution of moonshine
- addictive storyline, full of colorful characters!
- experience iconic moments known from the “Moonshiners” show
- become one of the moonshining legends!
- ...and don’t get arrested. Police and the feds are waiting for your slip up.

Moonshiners The Game

4.2 / 5

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Author: Klabater
Size: 5 GB available space

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