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4.2 / 5


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Trails of the Black Sun Review

Trails of the Black Sun is an application developed by Rebel Graphix Studios. Trails of the Black Sun was first published on . The app is currently available on Steam, Other.

Trails of the Black Sun is a first-person shooter and platformer hybrid, set in a digital simulation, where you, an Initiate, will have to find hidden artifacts and forbidden meanings. Use your acrobatic skills and defeat your enemies, fulfilling your ultimate Quest.


Centuries of war have passed. We’ve been called by many names: Queen’s Guard, Brotherhood of the Light, Assassins, Worshippers...

Now, the Ancient Order of the Black Sun sends You, an Initiate. To find what was once Ours. With the lost Artifacts in our possession, We can bring Her back in this world. It is Her eternal Wish and we kept it for thousands of years.
Go, Initiate. Use your skills and defeat our enemies, should you call them Templars.

May the Light of the Black Sun shine upon You.


  • NEW PROXIMITY WORLD-REVEALING MECHANIC A unique way to discover the environment and immerse in a world full of surprising and tricky simulations
  • AMAZING PARKOUR MOVEMENTS Explore your surroundings using your acrobatic parkour skills or take a strategic spot off the ground until your next move
  • CHALLENGING PUZZLES Win against mysterious ancient puzzles, conquer environmental traps and claim your rewards
  • DEFINE YOUR OWN COMBAT STYLE Enjoy a variety of weapons which let you engage in close or long combat and boost your preferred one with powerful attachments or customize your suit to fit in your combat needs
  • SECRET AREAS Carefully search each trial for hidden zones scattered among the world and collect your bonus
  • INTENSE ACTION-PACKED TRIALS Take part in fast-paced race-like levels and collect as many points as you can
  • A UNIQUE SETTING The game offers a Camera shake intensity option to customize your own experience and fine-tune your gameplay
  • MANY MORE...

Trails of the Black Sun

4.2 / 5

Trails of the Black Sun Logo
Author: Rebel Graphix Studios

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